Virtual Reality (VR)

Visit the KATRIN experiment in this 360° VR panorama. Take a tour with your virtual guide to learn more about the KATRIN experiment, change some experimental parameters and observe the effect on the particles inside the beam tube. Or explore the environment freely, including numerous info points with additional pictures and videos and encounters with actual KATRIN scientists.

The VR environment is co-created and hosted by the National Institute for Science Communication (NaWik).

Take a closer look at KATRIN's "black eye" with a low-poly model of the detector section.

  • The automated tour starts at the core of the detector with the silicon wafer and builds up to the superconducting magnets. You can highlight key components underlined in the explanatory text.
  • In the virtual room, you are free to navigate around the model and hide/unhide individual components. Use the magnifier glass to zoom and show labels of key features.



Find here some photos of the KATRIN experiment.
Find here photos of the collaboration meetings.


KATRIN sets new limit on neutrino mass

Watch the announcement with new results of KATRIN, Live-Chat with Guido Drexlin, Christian Weinheimer, Susanne Mertens and Magnus Schlösser and Flash Talks of colaborated institutes. (Februar 2022)


All about KATRIN & neutrinos

Learn in this video (20 min) about the science of KATRIN, its most spectacular moments and the people who make it all possible.

KATRIN in press

See the press reactions to the world's most precise mass scale.

How to become a scientist at KATRIN

This is your road to collaborate with us on neutrino science.

Science in presentations

Discover two PhD projects at KATRIN from four different angles. These videos (German, 5 min) were created in collaboration with the NaWik (National Society for the Study of Education) as part of a research project on "science in presentations".

Popular science talks

If you want to dive deeper into the world of KATRIN, follow these scientists on a layman's path into the neutrino cosmos!

Science talks

This is for the experts!

Let's build a neutrino experiment!

Construction of the KATRIN beamline spanned more than a decade.

Milestone ceremonies

At last! After almost two decades, the KATRIN experiment is inaugurated and just one year later delivers first results: the world-leading upper limit on the neutrino mass from lab experiments.