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Neutrinos & KATRIN

Neutrinos and KATRIN. This 20 minute movie - divided into two parts - explains why researchers desperatively want to know how much the neutrino weighs and how KATRIN wants to achieve it. Production year: 2011

English version, German version

Closing of the Main Spectrometer

This movie on Youtube shows the closure of the large main spectrometer in May 2012.
Duration: 4 min, Language: German


Arrival of the Main Spectrometer

Watch a 6:50 minute movie of the main spectrometer vessel on its last 7 km way from river Rhein to the Campus North of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in November 2006. Format: wmv, 36 MByte

A Spectrometer travels through Europe

This video shows you the adventurous travel of the main spectrometer through Europe in September 2006.
Duration: 20 minutes, Format: MPEG, 650 MByte